Our winery

The Georgiladakis winery continues the family tradition of wine making.

Our winery is a new winemaking unit located in Petrokefali of the Municipality of Festos, 60 kilometers south of Heraklion.

It is open daily to those who want to taste or buy family wines, but also on weekends by an appointment.

Our wines

The wines we produce are called liasta (sun-dried) wines and are in red, white and rosé. The varieties we use to produce them are:

  • Kotsifali
  • Liatiko
  • Beltor

The cellar

Our cellar has a constant temperature and humidity in order to make the wine mature ideal. All our wines are stored in French oak barrels.

History of liastou(sun-dried) wine

The grapes are spread out in the LIASTRA for ten days, where they START to lose water,so naturally THAT their juice is condensed. AFTERWARDS they are transported to the wine press and this process produces THE sweet wine.

Visit our winery

Come and have a tour in our place and taste our wines...